In Scriptorium Berlin you will find several resident tattoo artists with significant individual styles and frequent guest artists from all around the world.

Scriptorium Berlin is not only a tattoo studio. It is a multifunctional art space that does not only inhabit a gallery room for art exhibitions but also an area for high quality workshops by the top artists in the fields of art, craft and design.

Founded by renowned calligrapher, tattooer and industrial designer Adam Romuald Klodecki aka ‘Theosone’ who has not only been working in all kinds of design genres for the past years but additionally been teaching his craft in multiple workshops, it is our biggest concern to not only make the Scriptorium a place to experience art but to gather and exchange knowledge about different craftwork. Therefore we constantly invite experts in fields of calligraphy, sign painting and more to host workshops in our gallery space.

If you are interested in our previous workshops and events just click here and check out our Archive.

We already had the pleasure to welcome the following guests in our Studio:
Marlon M Toney fro USA (Internet page / Instagram / Facebook) in June 2017
QB Mix from Greece (Sake Tattoo in Athens / Instagram / Facebook) in June 2017
Jiwoo Park from South Korea (Pictame / Instagram) in September 2017
Bastian Blau from Germany (Facebook / Instagram) in July 2017
Fredao Oliveira from Brazil (Facebook / Instagram) in September 2017
Sandra Cunha from Brazil (Facebook / Instagram) in September 2017
Karolina Skrzyniarz from Poland (Instagram) in September 2017
Joao Alien from Brazil (Facebook / Instagram) in November 2017
Sass Obuvoh from Estonia (Facebook / Instagram) in October 2017
Aga Yadou from Poland (Facebook / Instagram) in December  2017
WLK Calli from Poland (Facebook / Instagram) in December  2017
Ohmarly from Poland (Internet page / Facebook) in January 2018
Bastian Blau from Germany (Facebook / Instagram) in February
Mystik Tattoo from Australia (Instagram) in March 2018
Sam Taylor from Australia (Instagram / Facebook) in March 2018

Since we opened the following Workshops, Events & Exhibitions already took place:
The Pinstriping Workshops in April 2017
The official Scriptorium Berlin Opening in March 2017
Exhibition “Love Cats” in June 2017 with Allison Tanenhaus, Aneta Fila, Anna Taut, Arch + Dot, Artez, Artur Turowski, Bartek Bojarczuk, Bohomaz, City Kitty, C-215, Czarnobyl, Dagna Wrazen, Darek Dabrowski, Doterius Molrok,
Egon Fietke, Gergely Void, Henryk Kwiatek, Iza Kita, Jo Frgmnt Grys, Lump, Lukasz Berger Cekas, Lunar, Martha Cooper, Marta Kwiatek, Martiszu & Szyman, Mariusz Waras M-City, Monstfur, Nadja Schüller, Pawel Ryzko, Patryk Wisniewski, Pure Evil, Rozalia Wojcik, Sainer, Sepe, Sicoerism, SuperFatCat, Steve Thiede, Theosone, Tomasz Gornicki.
The Calligram Workshop with Daniele Tozzi aka. Mr. Pepsy in October 2017
Design exhibition from Chmara Rosinke in November 2017
The Illuminated Initials Workshops with Grzegorz Barasiński in January 2018
The Script & Casual Workshop with Jeff Marshall in February 2018
1 Year Scriptorium Anniversary & Calligraphy Masters Reunion in March 2018

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Adam Romuald Kłodecki aka ‚Theosone‘

Adam ‘Theosone’, the founder and owner of the Scriptorium.
Adam was born in Bialystok (Poland) in 1984. He is a calligrapher, industrial designer and tattoo artist, also interested in illustration and street art. He studied in Poland at the Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk and graduated with a Master of Art degree in product design and visual communication. He was honored with the best graduation project award in industrial design in Europe in 2009.
Adam was also active in the polish graffiti scene. He began the adventure with calligraphy in Art Highschool in Suprasl in 1999.
His works of art and design are located all over the world. Today Adam is focused on creating lettering tattoos, paintings and traveling with numerous workshops, street art projects and tattoo conventions.

Adam worked for such brands like DC shoes, ESPN ExGames, Lego, Cadillac, Citroen, BMW, Audi, Hennessy and many more.
His work is supported by brands like Montana Cans, Royal Talens, Liquitex, Conte, Letraset, Pilot, Grog, Arches, Moleskine and a few more.
He is a part of ATAK crew, Goverdose collective, cofounder of Calligraphy Masters – online inspirational magazine and the person behind the idea of Calligraffiti Ambassadors movement.

If you want to know more about him, you can check his Facebook and YouTube.

Daniela Spielberger

FOR TATTOO REQUESTS PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL (especially if you’re not friends with me on Facebook !!! I just realized that many messages end up in the spam!)

————> daniela.spielberger@gmail.com


Wiwien is a young tattoo artist from Stettin, Poland.
She started tattooing 4 years ago. Her special skills are clean lines, dotwork and the art of calligraphy. Before that, she studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Stettin University of Technology, where she developed a lot of technical skills.

She loves to reshape her clients visions in original custom made designs. Wiwien looks forward to joining the creative spirit of the Scriptorium Berlin artists collective, where she can pursue her love for unconventional tattoo designs and working on interesting projects.

For a tattoo request contact Wiwien directly via e-mail: wiwientattoos@gmail.com

Jana Friedrich (kleinhutt)

Jana is an illustrator and tattoo artist. She is going to be our resident artist from the 3rd April 2018.





Our friend Slava is back! Contact us (scriptoriumberlin@gmail.com) or him directly for some amazing ink!

Who is Slava?

At the beginning i started with tattooing friends in my home town then their friends and so long before I realize that it can be more than a hobby. Growing on myself in a professional way and improving drawing skills now is helping me to create unique designs.

The most important in creation is uniqueness. In the end of copying you’re getting the same product as millions. I want to offer you a better way.

I’m offering designs, inspired by life thoughts, painting’s and engraving’s that took part in art history. Also I’m honored to draw a design for your idea and for me that’s a best collaboration between customer and artist.

Check his internet page and his Facebook page.




Wiwien will be our new resident from 12th March

Wiwien is a young tattoo artist from Stettin, Poland.
She started tattooing 4 years ago. Her special skills are clean lines, dotwork and the art of calligraphy. Before that, she studied Architecture and Urban Planning at the Stettin University of Technology, where she developed a lot of technical skills.

She loves to...Read More »


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