SOLD OUT / Jeff Marshall Script & Casual Workshop Berlin

Jeff Marshall Lettering Workshops are designed for those who are looking to improve their casual and script lettering skills, to add flare and give this style of lettering character. You can be a well seasoned craftsman with minimal experience in this style or a newbie, either way Jeff will have you on track to producing casual and script correctly by learning the basic fundamentals.
People who would benefit mostly in the workshop would be newbies with minimal brush experience and Craftsmen with good brush skills but minimal knowledge of casual and script. The format of a workshop will be uncomplicated, easy going, at the pace of the individual and an environment where no judgments are made. The workshops are all about the passing on of methods in producing two letter styles and the development in the student.

The workshop will take place at Scriptorium Berlin, unless otherwise advised.

Price is €200 for both nights, 6pm-10pm Tues, 6pm-10pm Wed.
The class will be a maximum of 10, so its advisable to pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot and avoid disappointment due to the popularity.
Price includes refreshments both evenings, paint and supplies but doesn’t include brushes, although there will be some for sale on the evening.

To book a spot, please send a deposit of €100 by clicking on ‚Find tickets‘ above. Thank you!

Guest Spots – Mystik & Sam Taylor

We will have 2 very special guests from 13 to 16th March in our studio: Sam Taylor and Mystik from Australia.
To book an appointment with Sam Taylor, you can contact him directly per email ( Exactly the same applies for MYSTIK, feel free to write him a mail (
You can also contact the Scriptorium anytime (

Check our Facebook event!


10th March – 1 Year Scriptorium Berlin & Calligraphy Masters‘ Reunion

It’s been 1 year since the studio of THEOSONE opened doors and we decided to celebrate it together by making a small reaunion of Calligraphy Masters team members – People of the team who have confirmed to be there for sure: Mr.Kams Fralligraphy MILENIST Daniele Tozzi Pain-StylerFrakOne and the ones who might join us too: Paul Antonio Scribe Zepha-Vincent Abadie Hafez Nicolò Visioli
If you are in Berlin or anywhere in Europe, can get good price tickets, you love Calligraphy and want to meet us you are all INVITED!!

The official event will be on 11th March but we’ll be there from 9th to 12th. On the event there will be exhibition, live painting and a huge surprise on which a number of the team has been working on!

See you in Berlin & #KeepWriting